Test 2A (Rest Terror)

  • Place 8 reds across pink spot towards both the side cushion,
    place cue ball along blue spot line and pot all the reds using rest on straight red into corner pocket.
  • When miss any single shot, re-spot that shot and try again. Pot all the 8 reds then move on.

Test 2B (5 Barrage)

  • Clear 5 balls in straight line-up, with your declaration of your next ball to pot.
  • Cue ball free to start anywhere.
  • No disturbing of other ball.
  • Clear table.

Test 2C (“Double” Trick)

  • Place 3 reds along the side cushion between corner to middle pocket,
    double using only one cushion into either corner or middle pocket. Repeat on opposite side.
  • Cue ball starts inside “D” every time.
  • Re-spot and try again when misses any shot.
  • Finish all 6 red double pot.

Test 2D (7 Wonders)

  • 7 reds across pink spot towards the side cushion.
  • Cue ball starts anywhere, any sequence any pocket, not disturbing other ball.
  • Clear table.

Test 2E (Long Potter)

  • Place 4 reds on each side of blue spot towards the middle pocket, pot 8 reds into either one of the corner behind them,start cue ball anywhere on the baulk line for each red.
  • Don’t have to be a straight ball shot!
  • Re-spot the same shot when missed.