Skill Test Information

Test details:
This proficiency skill test is designed for all players who want to prove themselves or like challenges.
One can take this test as a benchmark for your progress too.

There are altogether 9 levels, each level consists of 5 exercises to clear.
For each level, instructional diagrams are included to brief you what is expected from the test.
Each session will be conducted with minimum 3 to 6 challengers, each to a table.

Level First Attempt Retaking Instructions Duration Remarks Award
Red Garnet (Level 1) Attempt to clear all 5 exercises of the level in any sequence within 1 hour. Need to re-do all 5 exercises in the level. Extension is allowed for another hour to complete. Maximum duration for each attempt is 2hr  - *Certificate
Yellow Beryl (Level 2)  - *Certificate
Green Peridot (Level 3)  - **Recognition item (Red T-shirt)
Brown Agate (Level 4) Reveal upon clearing level 3 *Certificate
##Blue lolite (Level 5) Reveal upon clearing level 4 *Certificate
Pink Morganite (Level 6) Reveal upon clearing level 5 **Recognition item (Cue cloth)
Black Onyx (Level 7) *Certificate
Mystic Quartz (Level 8) Continue with where you are stuck with from the last test. Reveal upon clearing level 7 *Certificate
White Moonstone (Level 9) Reveal upon clearing level 8 **Recognition item (Polo T-shirt)

Your name will also be shown on our website for the highest level you have achieved.

*Certificate: Endorsed by Marvin Lim Chun Kiat.
**Recognition item: subjected to change for the respective level 3,6,9

Test fee:
1st hour – S$25
2nd hour (not compulsory) – S$25
Table: Bear by challenger
**Skill test fee for public will be adjusted after 31st August 2014

##Important Note:
For any Singaporean or PR below age of 21, and achieve Blue Iolite level 5, you will get an auto
matic qualification into the National Youth Squad and training program under Cuesports Singapore.