How can I improve my consistency?

April 20, 2015
by admin

This is one frequently asked question from players, whom have clocked sufficient hours on the green baize and attained much exposure in nerve cracking matches throughout their course in this, as some would agree, prestigious sport.

As it cannot be doubted that consistency, besides the psychological aspect, is one important and fundamental factor which will assist you on lifting the trophy in the course of your competitive snooker progression. Consistency boils down to basic and proper foundations that one cannot forgo. Many players, including advanced ones, who have neglected establishing a proper and firm foundation in their game, will face inconsistency throughout their time in this game.
How then, can one work towards consistency?

Consistency, as I would suggest, is when one is capable of producing the correct identical task systematically throughout his time on the green baize, and in order to do so, a high level of understanding in one’s foundation is required. Having said that, it, in no way, proposes that having the knowledge of one’s stance and cue-action is sufficient. There are more in-depth principles that one needs to comprehend such as the appropriate way of approaching every single shot in your match.
Who then, can assist to work this out for you?

It is of utmost important that one requires substantial knowledge of the game’s fundamentals before great consistency can be attained. And this should be and can only be explained in great detail by a coach. With this, I opine that one’s coach must instil a set of proper foundations into the player, coupled with continuous guidance in advancing shots when a player faces difficulties achieving.

For as long as I have been on the circuit, as a player and a coach, I have witnessed countless encounters where players attempts to coach another but only touching on ideologies such as shot selections and the use of side spins based on their knowledge, be it wholly or partially. However, I would acknowledge that the problem persist as the failure to execute shots is largely due to inadequacy in one’s foundations rather than on the concept of shot selections and such. Thus, it is important to comprehend that although such “player-coaches” may execute such shots, it does not reflect that they could explain how it can be done.

In a nutshell, the crux of this article articulates that with great fundamentals comes great consistency. Now when one has under performed on the green baize, what then should be questioned to oneself? I am of the view that you have guessed it rightly, bearing in mind that it does not come overnight!


Marvin Lim
Chief Coach of MRV147