Good snooker etiquette on the table

April 20, 2015
by admin

In every sports, technical skill is always the first aspect one will start with, follow by others like exposure, experience, temperament etc. There is another aspect which many have neglected yet it can differentiate 2 players, of same standard, into different class of player….Yes, it is snooker etiquette. I’m sharing some of the etiquette I practise in snooker….

Firstly, I place balls on table from box/tray with the minimum or no sound, showing respect to the table, similarly when I pass chalk or rest to my opponent.Other than showing the gentleman way of behaving, many doesn’t know that the throwing of balls or “heavily” placing ball on table can cause dent easily on the cloth and lead to unevenness. It’s also a player responsibility to maintain the table condition, so I simply treat snooker table just like the dining table in my best friend’s house, I won’t do all those throwing or rough act over the snooker table too.

I do not eat or drink over the snooker table, as it’s a player’s responsibility to keep the table in its best condition. Any spillage on the table will destroy the performance of the table quickly.Sitting on snooker table is a “No, No” as it’s called a table, table isn’t meant for sitting.When opponent is cue-ing, avoid being a distraction to him or her by standing behind them. If I happen to be in sight of where they are aiming, I have to ensure I do not move at all until when they executed their shot.

Distraction can come in term of sound too, meaning i will refrain from talking or doing something that produce noise to the extent of distraction to my opponent.
When I don’t know what is snooker etiquette and I did the dons, I can be forgiven.
When I know what is snooker etiquette yet i do the dons, it will reflect very badly on me!!!


Marvin Lim
Chief Coach of MRV147