About Us

To educate, influence and impact the world while bringing the best out of everyone by striving for continuous improvement in snooker.

Bringing like-minded players together, exemplary impartation of skills, constantly showing all aspects of good ethics, etiquette and sportsmanship needed in snooker, as it has always been; a classic sport.


We are a different breed of snooker enthusiasts.

Professional and driven, we work within our club climate of shared experience and knowledge coupled with empowerment from our counterparts. Always labelled as warm and passionate, these are the trademarks of MRV147. Undoubtedly, these are what set us apart.

Players within this club are enthusiasts who possess these sporting qualities for Snooker and always endeavouring to bring the game to a whole new level. Many a time, members come together to discuss how their game can be improved and more importantly, there is no hesitation in knowledge sharing gained from the countless years of playing experience. MRV147 is the hub of excellence for Snooker.

Our ethos is built on a foundation of love, passion, drive and creativity of the modern game. We celebrate ingenuity and hold the passion of the sport and our members in the highest regard and reject any disrespect of the sport that comes along the way. We aspire to preserve the game in its truest form alongside with our snooker enthusiasts.

The objectives of MRV147 include:

  • To preserve the prestige and dignity of Snooker,
  • To promote, popularise, influence and encourage the game of Snooker to the World and in particular for the benefits of the members of the Club,
  • To bring out the best of snooker enthusiasts by striving for continuous improvement in the sport, and
  • To bring like-minded players together by the exemplary impartation of skills and portraying all aspects of good ethics, etiquette and sportsmanship in this classic sport.


Being the pioneer batch of snooker organisations formed in Singapore, MRV147 was named after the abbreviation of our President, Marvin Lim, who is undoubtedly one of the most eminent players in town coupled with the latter denoting the maximum break one can achieve in a frame. MRV147 was founded in 2013 by Marvin spearheading a group of snooker enthusiasts, many of which were his students, whom have portrayed good ethics and utmost respect for this prestigious sport. With this in mind, Marvin is determined to pursue this snooker endeavour with the likes of the club’s members and under his close guidance and supervision to achieve the highest standard possible under the purview of ethics and sportsmanship.

Shortly after the establishment of the MRV147, Marvin is honoured to take the helm and steer this family of snooker enthusiasts for greater improvement. While the objectives get underway, the Club continues scouting for individuals and is blessed to chance upon the likes of current members from the committee, VP Silver Tan and IT Director Melvin Liu, both of whom are Marvin’s students to work hand in hand with Marvin and the members to bring the Club to greater heights. Although the Club has been progressing prodigiously, we welcome like-minded snooker enthusiasts from all around the globe to join our family.

Marvin believes in teamwork and the committee acknowledges that no superlative piece of work can be done singlehandedly. As such, MRV147 appreciates working with individuals and rejoices in achieving goals together with its members’ participation.